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Music Channel Radio English

Starting Today! Wake News © Music Channel Radio   24/7

We play your music! We are looking for artists, bands, DJs, producers etc. presenting their music in all of our radio stations, TV channels and Video platforms especially on our new Music Only radio:  Wake News © Music Channel Radio

Currently we are test streaming a mix of some of the tracks of all different styles and genres which were donated to us for playing in our channels. Those are musicians, artists who are not supporting the current system of tyranny, control and rip-off FIAT based globalist New World Order. Most of these artists have supported us already during the recent years in our non-commercial radio network Wake News Radio/UNITEDWESTRIKE Radio. We are connected internationally with many partners, just to name a few: Musicians4Freedom, ICRN-Radio-Network, UWS-Radio, Wake News Radio, OYM-Radio, mylene-fm Radio, Radio Stream

Shortly we will start presenting a segment – based program offering listeners according to their preferences, day, hours etc. to enjoy their genres with music from free musicians and artists from all of the world. Please, visit us soon again for updates!

We are focussing our efforts to attract and promote those artists, musicians etc. who have a critical and open mind. Who want to change the world together with us, speaking out and helping to educate and develop the idea of freedom around the world with their music, their lyrics. Pointing out the desastrous conditions we are living in concerning the matrix which has been built around us by few extremely wealthy and rich families/individuals who have corrupted society, politics, economies, finance.
We are offering an open platform to speak out!

We are non-commercial, independent, non globalist, non confessional, bi-partisan. Though we may allow suiting sponsors and advertising in order to support covering our costs.

PLAYER: (320 kb/s)

Wake News Music Channel Player



Neuer Wake News Techno-House Player

Direktlink Techno/House – Stream:


Artists are welcome and are requested to send in their music as mp3, send us a link to your websites, contact data we will then get back to you as soon as possible!

radio (at)

Neuer Wake News Music Channel Radiosender eng

Your tracks should be your own free of rights to 3rd parties. You should not be a member of any licensing organization! (GEMA etc.)

Your music will then be broadcasted also thru other radio, TV- and video channels who are part of our initiative worldwide.

We will present your tracks, music and your names in the LIVE-broadcasts put a link to you in our video descriptions. We are also working on a feature presentation either LIVE or as a podcast.

We are looking forward to get to know you and your work!

German Broadcast:
Jeden Dienstag und Donnerstag von 16-18 Uhr LIVE Wake News © Radio mit Detlev über aktuelle Themen, Politik, Gesellschaft, Wirtschaft, Finanzen, Matrix, Universum, kriminelle Handlungen der Wenigen gegen die Masse uvm.:

WakeNews aufkleber JPEG




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